The Importance of All-Natural Animal Care

For ourselves and our animals, we only use natural home remedies. I stopped using all pharmaceutical medication when I was around 18 years old, but didn’t apply the same discretion towards my dogs until some time later.

The moment occurred to me back in 2011, when Jiminy, my 3 year old black lab (shown above at 10 years of age), walked into the living room and began having head tremors. His head began to uncontrollably shake from side to side and even he know something weird was going on. I could tell by the terrified look on his face. After I took him outside to get some fresh air and calm down, I fervently looked online for what could be the cause for such a scary and unnatural occurrence.

I recalled that earlier the same day, I had applied a new medication that my vet prescribed for the dogs' fleas - Frontline Plus. This, I soon found out on various forums online, was documented by other pet owners to cause head tremors, seizures, and even death!! There was no doubt that the primary cause for Jiminy’s reaction was this modern, synthetic medicine. I wanted nothing more to do with Frontline Plus or anything else my allopathic veterinarian prescribed and began learning about natural home remedies for the dogs.

Its been 8 years now and the dogs are healthier than ever - at 10 years of age. Unfortunately, ever since the first day of Jiminy’s tremors, he also suffers from occasional seizures (when he gets too excited or runs up a hill too fast) which has also been documented as a symptom of the use of the medication Frontline Plus.

In one of our favorite books about natural care for animals, The Herbal Handbook for the Farm and Stable, the author quotes a well-known doctor, Professor Szekely,

“The curing of the ailments of my patients is often a simple task in comparison with the freeing of their bodies form the accumulations of chemical drugs logged in their tissues.”

My experience with Jiminy is a testament to that. To this day, I would prefer he had fleas than head tremors and seizures, both of which are terrifying to witness as a loving caretaker.

Cheers to spreading knowledge and awareness about natural health care, for ourselves and our animals!




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