Landing on Land

Adam (Atmarama) and I met in South India back in 2013. We had our ceremonial wedding in India the following year, and our legal wedding in Australia in Feb. of 2015. Literally within the same month of our Australian wedding, we loaded up his family’s old Subaru Forester in order to live on the road and search for farm land.

Ever since we met, Adam and I have shared the conviction that living off the land, in a simple, sustainable and spiritually uplifting manner is the most viable alternative to the unsustainable, modern way of life. In the very beginning, we unanimously decided to create a sincere and honest example of this kind of simple living; not only for our own personal benefit, but also to make this empowering lifestyle accessible to others. We began conjuring up plans for The Plow and Flute Project, although the name came later.

After our wedding and after about one month of living out of our car, driving the entire East coast of Australia and viewing countless prospective properties for our mission, we came to the realization that land wasn’t all we needed. We needed skills required for self-sufficiency and a community to help support our goal.

We therefore traveled (back) to South India in order to extensively study traditional Vedic farming. We tried our best to systematically learn and document as many lessons as possible, but of course, we weren’t able to learn every skill that would be required for self-sufficient living. The essence of village life, however, would be forever etched into our minds. By living amongst the villagers and helping with their daily, menial tasks like harvesting rice or churning butter, we understood the underlying principle for successful, sustainable living: simplicity.

Over the next four years, we never stopped searching for land; whether it was in Australia (Adam’s native country), India or USA (my native country.) We also never stopped trying to acquire skills and knowledge required for self-sufficiency.

At times, I honestly thought we would never find the right piece of land for our project. Nonetheless, we always tried our best to take "the next right step", slowly but steadily, and never lost sight of our mission. For us, there really was no alternative to this dream of ours. We had personally experienced a glimpse of simple and sustainable living and knew that there is no better or more peaceful or more sustainable way to live. By trying to help others experience the same, by leading by example and making this lifestyle accessible and graspable, we knew that our endeavor was well worth the hardships.

So here we are. After viewing hundreds upon hundreds of properties; after searching in three different countries; after living in cars and tents and (presently) in our (8x12) tiny house in order to be mobilized and experience different regions - we’ve finally landed.

There is plenty of work to be done. The land is completely forested, so we will be clearing trees (by hand) and creating new pasture for the animals and gardens for growing food. We will be building structures from the natural materials found on the property. We’ll begin hosting workshops and classes in order to share the process of creating a sustainable homestead from the ground up. And most importantly, we’ll continue our mission of spreading awareness about simple, sustainable and spiritually conscious living; only now, with a more solid platform - 27 acres in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by streams and National Forest.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the official home of The Plow and Flute Project.

(I’d say its a step up from the old Subaru ("Subi" in Aussie lingo)!)