We decided to moved into a portable tiny-house because we loved the idea of simplifying our lives, being mobile in order to explore different areas, and living in a natural wooden structure (rather than the common camper trailer made from plastic or metal.) In January of 2017, we purchased our tiny-house from a woman in Florida who had transformed a torn down camper trailer into a hand-made, wooden tiny house.

    We made a few renovations to the tiny-house over the past year that involved replacing all the synthetic building materials and chemicals with 100% natural alternatives.

     While living in the tiny-house, we have explored many National Forests in the Southeastern United States. We have lived on and off-the-grid, sometimes with the only source of water being a small trickle on the side of a mountain. Living in the tiny-house, with only 84 square feet of space to host all of our belongings,

 has taught us a valuable lesson to live simply.